Thursday, December 6, 2012


Mammy's is the local crepe shop that is the most popular spot for us study abroad students. I go there at least once a week and for my last and final meal here in Greece, I'm going to go there. Gregoraki owns the shop and his fiance, Christina, works there daily. I have become exceptionally close with both Aki and Christina. I've gotten to know the other staff there, Fotis and Lila and others, but they are not there nearly as often as Aki and Christina, so I'm closed to them two. Aki means "little" in Greek, they tack it onto names or words to make things smaller, cuter. Like Dog is pronounced "Ski-los" but you say "ski-laki" to say little dog. Ergo, his name is Gregory but they call him Gregoraki or just Aki. I like it.

Anyways, everyone at Mammy's speaks perfect english and they are all Greek so it's great to have them understand everything I say but to also push me to speak Greek and to answer all of my questions about the language as well. I usually get White Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cookie, and Coconut crepes but sometimes I get savory crepes as well, with Chicken, Gouda, Corn, Green Peppers, and Red Pepper Feta spread. I don't know why I capitalized all of those nouns, but I did. The crepes are amazing and are definitely worth the 3.20 euros they cost. But I don't go there every week just for the crepes, I go there for the friendships as well. Whenever I get a crepe, I sit there for around half an hour just talking with Christina and Aki. I learned all about how Aki and Christina met and about their relationships, about where Christina went to school, about Aki's brother. It's been great to be part of their lives. They invited me to go to their weekly Sunday morning BBQ's with them, but I never was able to make it. I was supposed to go with them to the Exploritorium with them this Sunday morning but I had already made plans to go to Halkidiki so I had to decline. They are such great people. They are planning a trip to NY to visit some friends they have made from a previous group of ACT Americans. Since their crepe shop is a 3 minute walk from PAPAK & because they give us a student discount, and because they speak english, it's quite quite popular.

Mammy's held a "going away" party for the Americans & all 50 of us went over and feasted on delicious crepes. There's a picture below depicting the feast.

I got really close with Christina and Gregoraki, they became wonderful, wonderful friends of mine and cried the hardest saying goodbye to them. I miss them very, very much.

The amazing staff at Mammy's!

How was I EVER that tan?

the owners -- Aki & Christina -- oh how I love them

a giant tub of Merenda #typical

crepe ingredients

mammy's crepe party 

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