Monday, June 4, 2012

last family dinner

For our last family dinner here in Greece, we all headed back to where it began. We went to the very first restaurant we all came to together back in February. This time, we sat outside because the weather was beautiful and there was no tzatziki and potatoes. There was live music again, but no dancing. We were not in the mood for dancing.

It was a wonderful evening of celebrating the amazing four months we all shared together. I made an active decision to bring my Canon camera out to be the photographer because I knew that this would be a special night.

Some of our close foreign friends also joined us for the dinner: Alex, Juliana, Ibrahim, Kostjan, Gledi, etc. It was great to share our meal with them, for our time here has not been spent solely with the Americans.

Speeches were given and toasts were made and tears were shed.
But other than that, I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.

the meal begins
Yeia Mas!  
Juliana (From Skopje)
Riley-- We got some wild memories, I'll never forget
My closest friend, Kelsey.
The RA's (Gogos & Tanya)

My travel planner & Spring Break buddy, Steph
Alex, "The Greek Volley Ball player"
One of my first Greek friends, Eleni
My "thinking" friend, Meredith
saying goodbye
this sums it up, we love Greece.

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