Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vicky's 21st Birthday

Vicky's 21st birthday took place in the midst of finals. Yes, these finals are no where near as difficult as those back in the states and they require not even a fraction of the same amount of studying, but still finals are finals. Thus, we were unable to truly go out and celebrate Vicky's awesomeness, so we went out and got margaritas and burritos instead!

We went downtown to a restaurant I have never seen before, there was ten of us girls or so. The decor of the restaurant was awesome. Bright, bright colored walls and vintage fabrics on the chairs. Very fun energy in this place!

the birthday girl!

I had a mango margarita and we all had complimentary dessert shooters of chocolate mousse for dessert. We also had "banana burritos" to supplement a birthday cake which we thought was served over ice cream, but it was greek yogurt, of course. Greeks do love their greek yogurt!

Vicky is such a sweetheart. She's from Maryland and is down to earth and warm and an all around great girl! We had a bonding experience the other day going to the bakery and coming back to my room and laughing at random noises we made and at her gestures for "zero" chances. It was awesome. We also had a heart to heart talk in the Bissel Library bathroom during a class I had. I simply went in to use to bathroom but she was in there too so we just talked for 10 minutes, catching up on each others lives. It was awkward to re-enter my classroom after being gone for 10 minutes but it was worth it. Vicky and I have had some awesome moments throughout the semester that I'll truly treasure.

Last night, June 1, I had to say goodbye to her at 5:30 in the morning. I started crying, she started crying. It was rough. I walked her all the way out of the building, holding her hand. I know it's not a forever goodbye, but I don't like not knowing I can go with her to the bakery and bump into her in bathrooms. Sad, sad.

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