Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Anniversary of 10 Years of Friendship!

10 years! 
 This past weekend Jenna Goode came and visited me in Thessaloniki. Jenna and I met when we were 11 years old at Camp Foster. Ever since, we've gone to summer camp every year together and we worked as counselors at Camp Foster last summer. We've remained extremely close over the years and what a culmination of our friendship to get to spend a weekend together in Greece! Jenna is from Kansas and goes to school in Chicago but she is currently studying abroad in Rome.

So this past weekend, we had a blast! We went out HARD-CORE-GREEK-STYLE and stayed out on Friday night until 5 am! We went to over 10 bars, half of them I don't even know/remember the names of! We were out with GA, LA, and Maja, Simona, and Maria. Simona and Maria are Greek students and Maja is Serbian. They all know downtown really well so we bar hopped wherever they wanted to go. We went to rock and roll bars, salsa bars, loud clubs, chill clubs, etc... We started off getting dinner for Stephanie's pre-birthday-dinner-celebration and then we went to Sin City. We stayed at Sin City until about 3 am and then we club-crawled until 5 am.

The next night, we went out for a dinner celebration for Stephanie's birthday. She's turning 21 and we knew we had to celebrate it right! We all dressed up in our finest and went out to Vogue. We went back around 3 am since Jenna and I were both still exhausted from the previous night. But we had a wonderful night of dancing, singing, and celebrating!

we're keeping the Foster Flame alive!
The ladies looking all pretty like and whatnot
spending some time with the Greeks :)
a pretty photo of my girl riley and me

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