Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my room

I thought it might be nice to give you all a little tour of my room. I have a single flat with a small kitchen and itty-bitty bathroom. I love having a single and getting a little space to myself, but also being surrounded by rooms full of friends so we all can hang out and chill together. My room is a fairly popular hangout spot to cook in or to all be chilling on our laptops together.

Riley and I cook in their a lot and LA and I made some fabulous chicken quesadillas last night. We found real salsa at the grocery store and ate our chicken, gouda, tomato quesadillas with salsa and hot Tapatio sauce. It was ahhhhmazing to get some mexican food since all my flavors have been pretty mild with Greek food.

I've made my room very homey feeling with putting up photos of friends and family and my kitties. It feels weird to not have loads upon loads of stuff and having a relatively bare room. I wish that the walls were painted some color other than white (maybe pale yellow?). My blankets and door are blue and all of my kitchen stuff is green. My mirror area has pink and orange accents with my bottomless bowl of oranges and my pink and orange make up bag and my pink bag of treats. It's good to have color in the room.

The yellow post it notes are all of greek phrases and words spelled out in lily-style-phonetics. I attribute all of my greek word and phrase knowledge to these amazing post it notes. I feel like if I don't write a phrase down on a beautiful easter egg yellow slip of paper, I won't retain it. 

And here's my precious little bathroom with the 2' by 2' shower. Awesome.

So that's my room. I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

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