Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I haven’t mentioned yet how I’ve gotten involved at American College of Thessaloniki. I’ve gotten a journalism based internship at the Michael and Kitty Dukakis center. For my internship, I attend events at ACT and write special interest stories on them for the ACT Alumni Magazine and for other ACT/Anatolia publications. I also conduct interviews with faculty and staff members and write “spotlight stories.”  Furthermore, I write other special interest stories on topics given to me by Dr. David Wisner who is overseeing my internship. My first article assignment was to write an article on ACT’s service learning program. I started by interviewing Laura Strieth and interviewed other students and members of service related centers. That article has yet to be completed as I have more interviews to complete. I have completed one article already though, on the Women’s Biographies and Life Stories workshop that was help on Monday, March 5th at ACT. The workshop served as an avenue through which the guest speakers were able to express their opinions, share their stories, and provide historical and social knowledge on feminism and gender issues. The article was about 750 words and got Dr. Wisner’s stamp of approval. He told me that he sent it off to Marketing and it should be published in the Alumni magazine shortly. 
Currently, along with the service learning article, I have been given three other article assignments as well. I’m to write spotlight articles on 2 different faculty members and I’ll attend a lecture tonight and write a post-event review on it. It’s quite a lot to have on my plate. I didn’t expect to have so many assignments thrown at me at once, I imagined myself partaking in a more relaxed internship, since just about everything in Greece takes place in a more relaxed fashion. Yet, it’s turning to be quite a handful. I’m enjoying it though. I enjoy have a reason to attend events that I might otherwise ignore or opt out of attending. I also enjoy interviewing people and hearing their stories and transcribing their words. (It’s also a form of networking that might come in handy later!) And I do love to write. I would rather give voice to my own creative spirit in the form of poetry or non-fiction writing, but this is diversifying my resume as well as my rhetoric skills. This’ll be good for me.

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