Wednesday, February 8, 2012

dancing in the halls

Today was the clubs and activities fair at ACT. It was different to see that there were only a dozen clubs when UIOWA offers over 100. I signed up for a few clubs, ACT-ATTACK (volunteering club), INTER-ACT (go to concerts/festivals/shows with groups of people club), and volunteering club. I also joined the Tennis club but we'll see if I stick with that. I also joined the Ninjitsu club with Tianna. Yes, Ninjitsu club. It's all about being a ninja and playing with swords and throwing stars. Oh yes, the Ninjitsu club.

The greatest part of the the activities fair was the dancing. They played a bunch of songs just to have something playing in the background. Then they played the Macarena and then 5 of us started actually doing it, then 10, then 15 of us. It was so much fun. We then did the cha-cha-slide and douggied and bernied and just danced in the middle of the hallway. It was epic and so unlike anything that would happen at Iowa. I was laughing and sweating and dancing. I was happy :)


I met a new guy who looks justttttt like prince eric from the little mermaid. Seriously, just like him. His name is Alex and he's from Thessaloniki. I seriously walked right up to him and said: "I like your sweater, I'm lily, do you watch disney movies?" He'd never watched the Little Mermaid nor many other disney movies for that matter. It was awkward yes, but I couldn't help telling him. He was quite nice and I gave myself a pat on my back for telling him exactly what was on my mind-- plus all us American girls keep on talking about him and how he looks like Prince Eric, so I knew someone had to tell him. And  I was up to the challenge.

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