Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trip to Vergina

Ancient Tomb of Alexander the Great's father

Church in Vergina
We took a journey to Vergina which is about an hour away from Thessaloniki. All 50 of us study abroad people went and it was prettyyyyyy fun. We visited the tomb of Alexander the Great's and there were also a few other ancient aristocrats buried there as well. We saw the actual columns and stone that were part of the tombs themselves. The museum was inside the burial mound. We saw gold crowns and frescos and armor and other neat stuff like that.

Everyone was pretty exhausted and it was gloomy day. It was fun to actually travel and see a bit of Greece, but if the weather was better, it would have been a million times more fun.

The museum and archeological site was interesting but it was underground and darkly lit and no cameras were allowed and the atmosphere was quite conducive to being sleepy.  The most fascinating thing to think about is that people didn't discover this tomb for hundreds of years. So people who lived in that town/area had no idea what treasures lay beneath their fields. What a crazy thought.

After the museum, we went to lunch and then Travis and I wandered around the town for 20 minutes or so, checking out the scenery whilst everyone else checked out the guest shop. It was fun to actually bust out my Canon and take some pictures. Too bad about the washed out sky though. Grey/white is not the prettiest sky setting. Still, it was an enjoyable day.

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