Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Life

These last few days have been filled with lots of fun and lots of laughter. We've all been going out to local bars and clubs and getting a good taste of the greek party scene! There's been lots of dancing and lots of goofiness. On Friday night, all 50 of us went out together to three different clubs with a handful of Greek and other international students. It's funny to be all out together, moving from bar to bar. I feel like we're on a parade. We're such a large group that everyone stares at us and is curious what such a large group of Americans are doing.

We've all done a really good job of sticking together and of not getting lost or losing anyone. We haven't had much interactions with other people in bars, only the ACT students. The locals are all curious and they come up to us on the dance floor, but I just put on a "get away from me" face and put my hand up. It's worked well so far :)

The alcohol here is really expensive so we all buy just a beer or two at each bar. One beer is between 3.5-5.5 euros and a shot is 3.5 euros and a mixed drink is 7-12 euros. That really adds up! Bottles of wine (at the grocery store) can be as low as 3 euros. I got a 1.5 liter of semi-sweet red wine for 3.8 euros. So, the popular trend is to drink a glass or two of wine and then head out to the bars and chill out with a beer or two.

On Friday night, the first bar we went to was chill and quiet. The second bar we went to, we had the top floor just to ourselves, that was goofy, crazy, little bit of dancing, little bit of sitting. Lots of mingling and talking. I was hanging out with two guys from ACT, one from Macedonia and one from Serbia, Ivan and Jovan.  They introduced me to a girl, Sophia, who will be studying abroad at University of Northern Iowa next semester. She asked me a lot of questions about Iowa and my thoughts on American Universities. The third bar we went to, EightBall, was a crazyyyy dancing bar. We all danced the night away and headed home at 5 am.

Bar number 2

On Saturday, a bunch of us went and had coffee in the center. Eleni and Ibrahim met us there. Eleni is a  stunningly beautiful greek girl who has humanities with me. We've really bonded these last few days and I can see a beautiful friendship budding :) Ibrahim is from Kosovo and is really chill and nice. After coffee, me, GA, LA, Eleni, and Ibrahim got gyros and walked around the center.

Then, we went back to our apartment building, Papakiriazi, nicknamed PAPA-K, and relaxed for awhile before heading over to an Irish pub. Who would have guessed I'd be hanging out in an Irish pub in Greece. It was a nook-n-cranny bar with lots of funny signs up around the walls. We pushed 3 circle tables together and all sat and relaxed. We played a few rounds of darts and enjoyed a more relaxing evening.

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