Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentines day

my wonderful valentine from steph!

dinner time


Valentines day was a lot of fun. We woke up early and went to the outside market and I got a bunch of potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and fresh sausage. It was interesting to navigate prices and everything knowing so little Greek, but I'm learning more vocab that I thought I'd know by now. The day at school was normal, except they gave out paper flowers to everyone and had free hot chocolate around noon. Stephanie and I went shopping downtown at the center after classes were done. I got a new coat and a pair of shorts and two necklaces. It was so great to finally make some purchases! I went to Berksha, which is a Spanish based store with their products made in Romania. It's like an H&M or a Forever 21. It's not too pricey at all and the clothes are all oh-so-very adorable. After shopping, Steph and I got a little turned around and we finally found a bus to take us home. We probably spent about 20 minutes just being confused. Yay for figuring out transit system in foreign countries with no english subtitles.... Luckily Steph is pretty much the coolest person ever and she was able to navigate us after I got us kinda sorta lost. Last time she trusts me with directions. haha

After we got home, we exchanged valentines day gifts with our secret valentines. I had Colleen and I bought her a small chocolate cake and a box of cookies. Steph had me and she got me an adorable small red heart shaped cake and some chocolates. DELISH! Also, when I woke up, she had slid a heart shaped valentines day card under my door, so she basically made my day from the moment I woke up. After gifts were exchanged, eight of us went out to dinner at Kronos and drank lots of wine and ate huge platters of meat, Greek salad, pototatos, and pikles of tzatziki. Tzatziki is my new favorite thing in the world. How have I not eaten it all my life on absolutely everything?

Overall, it was a wonderful, wonderful valentines day :)

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